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About vmos apk

vmos apkis an application developed on the basis of Virtual Machine. It is installed like any other application and allows the user to install a second Android operating system on their mobile phone, which is useful to be able to work with separate spaces and obtain multiple user accounts in applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram.

vmos apk is a virtual machine (VM) based application. VMOS can activate root with one click without root without computer). It can be considered as the default box. VMOS can be installed as a normal application for Linux or Android through VM technology.

It is an Android emulator as well as a one click cloning application. Also, the VMOS is not controlled by the host system and is separate from the host system. Therefore, it is root without risk and can even be used for virus testing (Android on the phone).

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About vmos apk Virtual Root Android on Android-Double
App by VMOS | App Cloner
Content Rating Everyone
App Updated 11-22-2019
Apk Version 1.0.31
Category Personalization
Android OS Version 5.0 and up
App Apk Size 23M
Url Play Store

Simple way to have two WhatsApp accounts on one smartphone

This application provides a second fully functional Android operating system where we can install applications, even if we have already installed them before (remember that Android does not allow duplication of applications). In this way we can create isolated spaces for specific user profiles, such as games or work.

These are the main features of this application for Android clones:

  • Have a completely separate second operating system on your device.
  • Install the same application twice and use it with different user accounts: WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat …
  • Fully customizable and customizable.
  • Minimize it whenever you want and let it run in the background. Access again using the floating button.
App Screenshots

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vmos apk is an application that allows you to install and run a separate Android operating system within your device. This new operating system not only works as if it were an application, but it is also not under control or dependent on the host system.Installing VMOS is a relatively simple process that takes no more than five minutes.

From the application itself, you can download and install the ROM, which will start as soon as the process ends successfully. By default, this new operating system is based on Android 5.1.1 and within it you can install and run any other application or game you want.

One of the main uses of VMOS is to install two identical applications or games on the same device. In fact, as a standalone operating system running in the background, you can even get an active game on this virtual operating system while playing a different game or doing something completely different on your device.

VMOS is a very useful application thanks to which you can get a separate operating system within your Android device that you can access and exit completely easily. In addition to the configuration options, you can customize the precision of the new operating system.

# Advantage #

👉 Do you want to have another Android system on your phone?
👉 Do you want to install two similar apps on one phone?
Does your phone meet all the requirements to install applications?
vmos helps you solve these problems.
👉 VMOS is a universal application dedicated to creating virtual Android on Android, it is a completely independent system and is a favorite of professionals.
You can have two online social accounts and balance work and life on one device …
👉vmos is equipped with the picture in picture mode.
The floating window appears over other applications with free clouds and free zoom. Etc., floating YouTube video. (YouTube wallpaper)
👉 We can get the VMOS playback wallpaper for some special games.
Unique Another unique feature is customizable precision.
Users specify latitude, longitude, and DPI as desired. The decisions you previously established will also be recorded.

Q: How does VMOS work?

A.vmos is a new and innovative technology. Emulate another native Android operating system on your phone, like Parallel Space or Parallel System. With vmos apk, you can switch between real and virtual systems at any time. Data and applications are stored locally.

Q: Is vmos a rooted system?

Users decide. We can toggle the button in the developer options → grant root permission.

Q: What types of phones can be installed?

C. The phone has more than 32GB and 3GB of RAM. And the phone system is greater than or equal to Android 5.1

Can I clone the app on the real phone?

So. File → Choose application → Import

s. How is the speed of VMOS?

In fact, it is fast. No need to transfer data remotely.

Q: Why does VMOS need access to storage, device information, location, IMEI, and audio?

VMOS requires these authorizations to better simulate real phone scenarios.

Q: Is VMOS safe for your real phone?

to. Certainly. The real phone and VMOS have two separate systems. The data from both systems will not interfere with each other.

# Suggestions #

If you like our app, please give us a five-star rating.
VMOS has two testers based on actual need, but more suggestions are needed all the time.
If you have any questions or suggestions, please click [Notes] in the app or email us. contact us: [email protected]

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